“Her voice echoes out above the water.
Her song seeming to have many singers.
Her pitch calming.
Calling to them.
Beckoning them to the rocks.”
– The Shell Sprites

'Mermaid' in Gaelic is 'Merrow'. According to Irish folklore, these sea fairies were said to have frolicked in the frigid waters near the rugged Irish coastline. Like the Sirens of Greek mythology, they sang beautiful songs to lure the sailors or humans to them. Some fell in love with the men on the land but would shortly tire of their new circumstances, growing homesick for the sea and would always find a way to return...

This shoot is a favourite of mine for many reasons. It's hard to put into words how I a lot of these images make me feel, the usual words like beautiful, gorgeous, stunning, incredible, epic, etc. just don't feel appropriate and feel inferior to these images. This shoot has all the things I love - the muted colours, the contrast between light and dark, the soft moodiness to the images, windswept gowns and hair, a custom designed crystal headpiece, the water-coloured calligraphed stationery and the wild floral arrangements. It's amazing how much time and effort goes into these creative shoots, such talented artists giving freely of their time and efforts to collaborate on something that is solely a vision and to create it into a reality. It's really amazing to me and so enjoyable being a part of these.

 I didn't grow up near the ocean, but I've always had a love and appreciation for it. There is nothing like the North Antrim Coast, it is one of my most favorite places in the world. One day, I hope to have a house there overlooking the ocean so I can experience all of it's beauty anytime I want - the ancient caves, the rock formations, the frigid sea that is so calm at times and yet so fierce and violent at others, the wildness and ruggedness of the cliffs, the colours and landscape that change constantly based on the light. After living near the Irish Sea for these last four years it's truly become a part of me, there is a familiarity when I visit and a longing when I leave. It is a dreamlike place and I can't help but feel the pull and mystery of those mythical Gaelic tales and wonder if they're true... 

Paula, who captured these images just the way they were meant to be, said it best:

"Sometimes, you just need to lose yourself in dreams.
And it’s so beautiful when others choose to dream it with you."


CREDITS: Photography: Paula O'Hara // Styling: Alise Taggart // Location: Whiterocks Beach and the Giant’s Causeway on the North Antrim Coast // Florals: Hart Floral  // Makeup: Anita Conroy // Hair: Rebecca Donnelly // Stationery: Feasting Calligraphy // Dresses: The White Gallery // Model: Carrie Anne Burton // Veils and crown: Blue Meadow Bridal // Film scans: Photo Vision Prints // Jewellery: Natasha Sherling

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