Fitero, Spain : Gathering & Feasting

It's been quiet on here lately due to a very busy month filled with four weddings, followed by a terrible stomach flu. Now that I'm feeling better and have a bit of downtime between now and my next weddings I will be blogging quite regularly to get all of these lovely images out in the blogosphere! 

I love when I get to combine my two passions of traveling and styling for a bit of work and play. Last September, I traveled to Tudela & Fitero, Spain with a group of friends from Ireland to work on a beautifully styled shoot (which I'll be sharing in the post after this one). Paula O'Hara's brother, Kieran, lives in Tudela. He was the best host - our driver, our translator, our personal chef at times, and our tour guide! We would've been lost without him! We stayed in an apartment in the heart of Tudela for the week, it's such an old town and I'm so happy I got to visit somewhere completely different and unknown to me in Spain. On one of our last days, we traveled to Fitero, a lovely ancient city in the Navarre region of Northern Spain. We got a personal tour of the city and visited the beautiful Fitero Monestery dating back to 1140! Afterwards, Kieran's friend, German, kindly let us use his incredible house for a group dinner, where we also decided to have a bit of fun styling the food. His house had such character which you can see in the photos below, so much thought went into the design, every nook and cranny was just 'wow'! Out the back of the house he had lush gardens, fruit hanging from the trees and vines full of homegrown tomatoes that were so juicy and hands down the best I've ever eaten. Kieran, his wife, Eva and German really treated us to such a delicious spread and some really potent homemade cider! It was one of those special days that you will never forget and I'm so grateful I got to have this experience. Paula captured the day beautifully in the below images...


Special thanks to Paula O'Hara Photography for capturing this amazing trip and all its beauty, to Ann Marie O'Leary for her impressive foraging and floristry skills, to Ashley Morhej and Lynette Murray for assisting with anything and everything on this particular day, and to our hosts: Kieran, Eva, and German for the delicious meal and being such amazing hosts! :)

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