Joy Thigpen's Creative Direction + Styling Workshop Experience

I’m coming up on two years in business at the end of this month, which for me, is really amazing. If I’m being honest, last year was pretty tough at times, it was my first 'wedding season' and first year being fully booked with weddings & editorial shoots. I was ‘navigating the waters’ so to speak and constantly learning about myself and the wedding industry. It was a great year though and I’m so grateful for the incredible clients who had faith in me to plan and design their weddings. 

I had been wanting to attend Joy Thigpen’s workshop for sometime now. I first came across her work when I was planning my own wedding and that’s where I drew a lot of inspiration from for my own wedding styling. She pretty much paved the way for wedding stylists and I’m almost positive -invented the career. She’s a creative genius and everything she styles has a pure, ethereal and organically beautiful quality about it.  

You can’t really be taught in school about styling or creative direction, not in the sense that you can event management, interior design, or floristry. Styling is definitely instinctual and beauty is something that resonates differently with each individual person; however I have been wanting to improve my styling skills and learn as much as I can about this craft, so a workshop seemed the appropriate way to go about this.

In Autumn of last year, I was in Georgia for a wedding and it just so happened that her workshop was taking place at Serenbe Farms during the dates I was there. I figured it would be completely sold out, but I inquired and she just had one attendee drop out, so there was one spot left, which I quickly filled. 

This workshop was so incredibly inspiring for me, it’s really hard to put into words exactly all that I experienced in those three wonderful days of learning, talking and creating. Serenbe is so beautiful in itself, it’s a tranquil and peaceful haven of a small community, perfect for a workshop or retreat (or a wedding! I would love to return for a wedding). The farm has charming cottages & cabins onsite with acres of untouched land. I really enjoyed this; sometimes I crave alone time and wide open spaces to just sit and be with my thoughts, to breathe and reflect, and this allowed just that.

Joy was so giving of herself and spoke openly about her life and the path that led her into styling, her tips and tricks for running a business, and staying inspired creatively. Her insight and experience is invaluable and I have the utmost respect and admiration for her and her kind heart. It was really great meeting so many other like-minded women from all around the world and speaking honestly to one another about our dreams, aspirations, fears, encouraging one another and sharing our stories. I walked away from it feeling that my soul had been nourished, not just creatively, but also spiritually. My head was swirling with new thoughts and ideas and I felt I had a new direction of where I want to take my business and the changes I would like to make.

I thought I would share some images below from the workshop, I hope you enjoy! 

If you’re a budding planner, stylist, florist, photographer, designer of any kind, a creative person who is seeking a new direction in life, a person who just appreciates beauty or making things beautiful, I cannot recommend this workshop enough! 

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