2013 : Reflections & Celebrations

"And now we welcome the new year, full of things that have never been"

-Rainer Maria Rilke


2013 was definitely a year to remember for me.

On Weddings: I had so many doubts when I first started my venture into the wedding world, but this year has brought so many blessings, so many amazing experiences, new friends, many challenges, lessons, much happiness and loads of creativity. I'm so happy that I took the leap, because I honestly think I've found my small little happy place in the world! What better way to spend my days than planning, styling, designing, and creating for the one day where love is celebrated so much between two people? I have a dream job, and I am unbelievable grateful. The images above are just a small taste of how beautiful this year has been. I've collaborated with incredible teams and suppliers, was commissioned to do a couple of magazine editorial shoots, worked on some amazing weddings and have met the sweetest couples along the way, got asked to come on board with another amazing styling & planning company as Creative Director(more on that later!), been featured on some of my favorite blogs and in publications, and traveled all over Ireland to some gorgeous venues and locations. Next year my goals are set even higher - to challenge myself, to better myself, to find my inner voice, to push myself creatively, and take on projects that intimidate me, and learn as much as I can. One of my biggest challenges will be to stop worrying that I'm not good enough and comparing myself to others in this industry who are farther along than I am- and to just revel in the moment and be proud that I'm trying and putting myself out there. Thank you to all of my amazing couples and clients who have trusted me to make your day a little extra special and I'm so looking forward to all the weddings and collaborations that 2014 holds!

On Life & Personal Matters: This past year has been a whirlwind for Conor and I, it's flown by so quickly. It was my first year living in Ireland, which has had it's ups and downs and many emotional moments on my end. It was much harder being away from my family than I thought it would be, I miss them all the time terribly and cherish every time I get to visit with them. My in-laws and family I have gained are incredible though, they are the most supportive, kind hearted, honest group of people and I feel so blessed that I got them. I love Ireland, with all it's history, turmoil, and struggles - it's so full of character, the people are the friendliest, the Guinness is good, and the scenery breathtaking! What more could you want? It's been an amazing adventure and I've grown to love it as my new home. Whether Conor and I end up back in the States or stay here, I think we'll both be happy with either. In February, I started the business. I worked pretty much full time at Avoca from the time I moved here last year, until October when I was lucky enough to take on the styling company full time. My family also came over in February and it was great traveling around the country with them and showing them all the sites, can't wait until they return. In April, Conor and I took our long awaited honeymoon to Italy for two weeks to celebrate our first anniversary and our birthdays- it was definitely a highlight and we can't wait to go back. We love Italy with all of our hearts and reminisce about it all the time. We also visited Portugal in August, which was such a relaxing and fun vacation. Conor started a new job as well a few months ago, which we are both so thankful for - he's loving it and doing great! My grandma passed away in November and even though it wasn't a happy time to come home, it's been wonderful visiting with my family for this long and getting to spend Christmas here in Georgia and New Year's in Nashville! Over all, I'd say it's been a wonderful year, full of many blessings and experiences!

When my brothers and I were growing up my dad always made us write out our goals every New Year's Day, we used to hate doing that. Now over the years, it's something I still do and find pleasure in - I keep the list posted somewhere safe where I can tick the boxes when I've completed something on the list throughout the year. This year I have many personal goals and new things I want to experience, but I think my top two are to travel as much as I possibly can, it's probably my favorite thing to do and we have a few trips lined up that we can't wait for! And secondly, to know when to unplug- I know I'm not alone when I say this, but I am constantly on the computer 'researching' for my next shoot, answering emails, addictive-ly Pinning away, checking all social media outlets, etc. and at certain times, I just want to take time to live in the moment this year.

2014 holds so much promise and I can't wait to experience all that it has to offer & share my experiences with you, what a better way to start the new year than with a heart so full and a life filled with so many blessings.

Wishing you all a Happy New Year - full of many blessings, new adventures, good health, lots of love, and much happiness!!

I'll end with this which sums up everything I hope for in 2014: