I've been dying to share this beautiful shoot full of Irish wanderlust and love for some time now and what better time than the holiday season? This shoot was shot over a couple of days back in the summer at some gorgeous locations in Ireland. Conor and I set out with our friends, Paula O'Hara {photographer extraordinaire} and Michael Toman {cinematographer extraordinaire} to discover the beauty and simplicity of nature. I think nature and exploration are the best kinds of inspiration, you can find the prettiest of organic color palettes and textures, along with feeling refreshed and renewed. Paula captured so many heartacheingly beautiful and delicate moments that I've decided to share all of this beauty in a two part series.

Michael's {Story of Eve} film was the inspiration behind the name of this shoot, as he captured the sounds and echoes of nature so well in his film that I hope you will take the time to view below. The trickling of the creek, the cold water on our skin after we took a dip, the breeze blowing through the tall grasses in the meadow, the warm summer sun flickering overhead, the smooth mossy stones between our toes, the cool wind on our cheeks up in the mountains, and the crackling of the burning embers from the fire.

Conor and I were lucky enough to model for this shoot as well, which we really enjoyed.  Sometimes it's so nice to head out to good places and slow down, switch off, unplug, unwind, tune out the chaos of everyday life, and lose yourself in the great outdoors. So we hope if you feel that calling to nature, that you'll answer it - that you will seek new adventures, soak in the wild air, and take advantage of this lovely country and its breathtaking scenery. Please grab a cuppa and enjoy this cozy shoot!


" So come and walk awhile with me and share

the twisting trails and wondrous worlds I've known."

-Shel Silverstein

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Watch the incredible film captured by Story of Eve: Tender Echoes of the Wilderness from story of eve on Vimeo.


On a side note: These images mean the world to us, we are so thankful to Paula and Michael for their exceptional and unparalleled talent - Conor and I will cherish these always. We can't recommend working with these two enough, their approach is so laidback and non-intrusive which makes for such a fun and relaxing time, full of good craic, leaving you to be yourselves and get lost in one another. If you're thinking of having a "Just Us" session please get in touch, as we are also available for minimal styling.

Please keep an eye out on Monday for Part 2!!