Italia: {a love story} - Part 1


"travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer."


As many of you know, I have an immense case of wanderlust. I LOVE to travel to new places, discover new cultures, magical landscapes, and other ways of life. To me, it's the best way to refresh your soul and be inspired all at once.

Back in April, we jetted off on our long awaited 'honeymoon' to Italy for an incredible 17 days. 17 days spent aimlessly wandering small villages,eating our weight in margarita pizza and the most delicious gelato in the world, sipping crisp prosecco and strong espresso, taking in the history that surrounded us, and relishing in the joy of 'il bel far niente' {the beauty of doing nothing}.




























Our first few days it rained, but that was not going to hinder our planned adventures. We started out in the North- Milan, where we ate the most delicious Pistachio gelato, while craning our necks to take in the view of the monumental and impressive Duomo. We then took a ferry around Lake Como, and stopped off in the beautiful lakeside village of Bellagio. The snowcapped Alps, incredible scenery, gorgeous villas and glitzy lakeside residences surrounding the deep blue water were among the lakes many lovely charms.


IMG_2427         IMG_2428

Then we jaunted over to Lake Garda for the day, to stroll the streets of the medieval town of Sirmione.


Italy, you are indeed a treasure in this world and Venice is your most coveted gem. Light and water combine to create a restless magic that transports you to your own mythical Neverland. Every corner you turn in Venice you're fascinated by the 'old world charm' and 'other-worldliness' of it. We lost ourselves in the shadowed streets and drifted down the canals while being serenaded by a gondolier's sweet melody.